Cocoa for the Web

Working on a project that will allow you to write websites in cocoa using xcode and frameworks to make it easier to talk to Apache. So far I got a cocoa language proxy with cgi and apache that will run the cocoa programs and will tell your cocoa programs information like if it’s a post and so on.


  1. Boko577

    Work on YouView instead please!

  2. Mr. Gecko

    I plain on working more on YouView next week, as I'm moving now, I need something easy to write like this.

  3. Martin

    I agree, you SHOULD be working on YouView instead of … that.. PLEASE!

  4. Mr. Gecko

    Well I'm moving tomorrow, after I move I'll be working on YouView. It's been a real busy week and I needed something easy to do to release my stress so I decided to work on this since it was one of my plans to do and I wanted it for some ideas I had for the web. I'm basically done with it now anyway, all I have to do is add file upload support and I'll be done.

  5. zim

    that sounds cool
    i want to see a example of this

  6. JamesClementCook

    Dear M.Gecko,
    I have started watching your Cocoa podcast. You obviously know what you are doing but I find that the speaking is halting, mumbling and sometimes incomplete, I think, to the point of distraction. Might I suggest that you re-record portions of the audio?

    • grmrgecko

      I may start that podcast back up sometime… I do not know. Currently, I'm in a transition of starting College, working full time, and wanting time to relax. Although doing the podcast is fun, I hardly have time for it.

      I am very shy, and stutter quite a bit… It's apart of my personality, and I am sorry if it causes you problems. I tried hard to edit that out to make the podcast better.

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