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YouView now Open Source

YouView has been updated and is now Open Source!

I decided to go open source due to lack of time to update and now that I pretty much deleted all my bad code from years ago.

iFive Podcast my comment was reviewed on this podcast.


My video appeared on a podcast

IT Club Presentation

Snow Time Lapse

Favorite Gadget Review

Decided to do a review for my favorite gadget.

Experiments with a quadcopter

Image-1 Image-2 Image-3

Strange Chocolate

I have no idea as to why I received this. This is very weird.

14 - 1

New LED Design

New light design works great! Basically my issue with why the lights all turned on when you turned on another color was just an issue of the tops of the MOSFETS touching each other. Separating them out fixes the issue.

I gone ahead and bought a power supply which is made for these sorts of things and added a capacitor to help handle the load when I’m dimming the LEDs.

I plan on releasing full plans for this and source code when I’m completely done. I still have code to write and Raspberry Pi’s to research.

I also designed a digital version which I post about later when I get time.

Image-1 Image-2 Image-3 Image-4 Image-5

LED Project Status

Well, success and failure on this project here. It seems that the arduino has some cross talk on the analog outs and when I turn on red or blue, it turns on both. I had it where green can be individually turned on but in trying different pins, I got it to where if one is on all is on, therefore I just gave up and I’m just going to use the Arduino to power on and off the LEDs that way I at least have some control over the LEDs.

Using these components to dim the LEDs seems to make the PSU make a weird noise. This is probably because it’s turning off and on the power according to

So while I failed to individually control the LEDs, I’ll be happy to be able to turn off and on all LEDs.

Image-1 Image-2

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