So. I had struggles figuring this out, so I will explain the details here for people who want to know how.

  1. create a USB flash drive following
  2. Modify the board to prevent contact of the 2 pins mentioned here and also download the tools he mentions linked at
  3. Go to and simply download SASHBA_Firmware_6GBPS-SAS-HBA_07.03.06.00_A10_ZPE.exe which the exe confused me as it's not the standard zip file. You will need The Unarchiver for the mac to extract it. What you need from this is 6GBPSAS.FW and mptsas2.rom.

Steps basically are as follows for flashing on UEFI/EFI based computer:

  1. Go into computer boot menu and choose the DOS (non UEFI) version to boot.
  2. Run the following to verify that the card is recognized:
    megarec -adpList
  3. Run the following to save a file with the info of the card, then shutdown and find SAS Address and make note of it for a later step.
    megaoem -adpallinfo -a0 > allinfo.txt
  4. Run the following to erase the SAS drive once back in DOS.
    megarec -writesbr 0 sbrempty.bin
    megarec -cleanflash 0
  5. Shutdown the machine and boot back up into the boot menu to find the UEFI version where you will remain until all steps are done
    sas2flash.efi -o -f 6GBPSAS.FW
    sas2flash.efi -o -b mptsas2.rom
    sas2flash.efi -o -sasadd {ADDRESS NOTED FROM FILE}
  6. Now verify that the cards are working by rebooting and pressing ctrl-c to enter configuration utility of the SAS. Once verified that it's written, reboot.
  7. go back into UEFI run the following to remove the BIOS to make booting faster.
    sas2flash.efi -o -e 6
    sas2flash.efi -o -f 6GBPSAS.FW

Now you should be done.

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