So here are some updates to YouView Beta.

  1. Safari Extension found at I recommend that you use this instead of the plugin, as the plugin is using some hacks that may not work on some computers.
  2. Chrome Extension found at
  3. We have a new Player with custom controls and ability to skip to a part of the video which hasn't been loaded on Snow Leopard.
  4. You can play video that has not been converted to MP4 meaning that video that just was uploaded will work. I do require that you download Perian, but I think everyone should have that anyway.
  5. 1080p is available and all of HD doesn't need a donation anymore.
  6. A new layout plus effects I hope you enjoy.
  7. It's better at loading images to where it doesn't crash when you try and search a lot of times.
  8. Multiple searches.
  9. Ability to open the video in a new window or in the window that you were searching in.
  10. Looping of videos.
  11. Search history.
  12. Apple Remote support for 10.6.
  13. A better system for finding the video w.hich will try a bunch of things to be sure that it can play the video.
  14. A lot of bug fixes and memory management fixes.
  15. A donation can now be $1.99 instead of $4.99, but I still recommend you donate $4.99 for all my work.
  16. Session restoring.
  17. View all new subscriptions.
  18. GeckoReporter, a new open source project I started that allows people to submit bugs, submit crash reports if YouView crashed, and contact you with feed back about the website. If you would like to add this into your own application, go to where I have more open source projects and I'll be posting more over time.

Things to come.

  1. Playlists.
  2. Add author as friend.
  3. Video uploading.
  4. More settings for exporting.
  5. Maybe a plugin for safari that will play videos directly in safari instead of having you go to the application.
  6. Delete favorite video.
  7. Maybe growl support for when a video finished downloading/converting.
  8. I'll try and make it more accessible for people with disabilities.
  9. Global volume so once you change the volume for one video, all new videos will open with that volume.
  10. A way to see related videos and more videos from the author inside the video.
  11. A close button inside the video as some people would prefer to click that instead of the window close or escape button.
  12. New comments layout.

If you have ideas, please submit them to or use the Contact Mr. Gecko from the Help menu.

Here are some screenshots of the current YouView.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

I do recommend YouView Beta to every user of YouView as it's way better than the current one. I do not want to post it on the site until it's out of beta because I don't want some prerelease software up on MacUpdate and other download sites. The reason I haven't had an update in a long time is because I have been busy with school and life. The next thing for me to do is write a new user system which I'll be using in all of my applications including Voice Mac. You can download YouView beta at To keep up to date with YouView, you would probably want to follow me on one of the social networks where I am posting updates as I update them. Twitter, Twitter (Personal), FaceBook, FriendFeed, and Buzz.

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