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I wanted to setup bridge networking with my main Arch Linux box so that I could connect to virtual machines in KVM. I was using the MACVTAP connection in Libvirtd, however that prevents you from being able to connect to the virtual machines due to the Linux host not knowing how to talk to the MAC a...

This is my new tool for viewing statistics from vnStat. I needed it with my new router, so I thought I'd open source my efforts.

The repository is at


YouView has been updated and is now Open Source!

I decided to go open source due to lack of time to update and now that I pretty much deleted all my bad code from years ago.

With Google introducing Google Voice in Hangouts, VoiceMac becomes disabled. Because of this, I will no longer continue VoiceMac development.

If you have issues, I'll try to resolve them and keep one account with Google Voice (via enabled. But I won't fix issues which are easil...

Source code for my new email scheduler is at

In-case you are wondering what passwords not to use... Here is the top 500 list of passwords that were leaked

Please note that there was more than gmail that had passwords. Basically the story goes like this. Some h...