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Getting IPv6 to work on this router wasn't easy. Finally figured it out by reading

I've pretty much written my own script, but I'm not including everything that I should include... This is just a very basic script which gets the job done. I ma...

NOTE: The following guide assumes you understand UNIX.

I needed to install MiniUPNP to get NAT-PMP on DD-WRT. I did lots of research and finally found the right way to do it.

First search Google for a compatible version of OpenWRT for your router, mine being

Below are my notes from when I was trying to make a Ubuntu LiveCD which has SpinRite built in... Only problem is... It doesn't work on the Mac. It should run fine on a Desktop PC, but that wasn't my goal. I will share my efforts though for people who are not on Mac.

I'm starting work on making ano...

I made a safari extension for fun, what it does is it changes the logo on to a custom one, or a random one picked from a database of Google Logos. You can download it at I will be updating the database as new logos are released. I also w...

So here are some updates to YouView Beta.

  1. Safari Extension found at I recommend that you use this instead of the plugin, as the plugin is using some hacks that may not work on some computers.
  2. Chrome Extension found at