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This is my new tool for viewing statistics from vnStat. I needed it with my new router, so I thought I'd open source my efforts.

The repository is at


I just built a router which is overkill. I'm going to be using pfSense as the operating system and I'll have security utilities like Snort running on it to protect my network. The main idea for building this with the specs I went with is I can expand. If I wanted 1Gb/sec, it can handle it. If I want...

Getting IPv6 to work on this router wasn't easy. Finally figured it out by reading

I've pretty much written my own script, but I'm not including everything that I should include... This is just a very basic script which gets the job done. I ma...

NOTE: The following guide assumes you understand UNIX.

I needed to install MiniUPNP to get NAT-PMP on DD-WRT. I did lots of research and finally found the right way to do it.

First search Google for a compatible version of OpenWRT for your router, mine being

I got a new router to replace the AirPort Extreme I have. This router is the WRZ-600DHP from Buffalo. I played all night last night with configurations, and thought I'll mention a few things I came across while doing so.

When I configured the wifi with security, it removed 802.11n, making me think...