I got a new router to replace the AirPort Extreme I have. This router is the WRZ-600DHP from Buffalo. I played all night last night with configurations, and thought I'll mention a few things I came across while doing so.

When I configured the wifi with security, it removed 802.11n, making me think there was a problem with the firmware I loaded, but the issue was that the default for WPA is TKIP which doesn't support 802.11n. Changing the setting to AES fixes this.

When I added some static IP addresses to DNSMASQ, via the services tab, it broke DCHP because the configuration was wrong. I ended up finding out the issue was because my host name was mrgeckosmedia.local and the dot isn't a valid syntax for DNSMASQ.

Because the DCHP server went down, obviously my MacBook received no IP address from the router. So I was forced to set a static IP to fix which isn't hard. IP, Netmask, Router (original firmware started with 192.168.11).

Hope this is helpful to someone starting with DD-WRT.

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