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In looking to setup load balancing of FreeIPA, there is not too much documentation on how to do this to where Kerberos authentication is successful. After lots of research, I found the key to making this work.

Example haproxy config

  chroot  /var/lib/haproxy
  group  haproxy

If you plan on testing puppet autosign scripts, it is useful to generate test certificate signing requests (CSR) to verify that your script works. There is not much information online for this, so I had to go review documentation for extensions and requests. Below is what I have learned.



There does not appear to be any documentation on getting Nvidia support added to Docker or other container run times on Fedora 36, and it appears that Nvidia does not officially support Fedora with libnvidia-container repositories. I looked into this and found a solution to get Nvidia to work with D...

I wanted to setup bridge networking with my main Arch Linux box so that I could connect to virtual machines in KVM. I was using the MACVTAP connection in Libvirtd, however that prevents you from being able to connect to the virtual machines due to the Linux host not knowing how to talk to the MAC a...

I haven't posted in a long time, so may as well post images of my desktop internals.

They have nice specs. They run UNIX/Linux 90% of the time. The gaming machine is the only machine that runs Windows and it runs it with the web browser sandboxed and in an standard user account. I don't want those...

Finished building my desktop.