Learning how a rotary phone works by taking apart the one I have. I will be posting photos/videos of how the different components works to try to show what I learned and teach others as well.

So far it is VERY SIMPLE! Just a bunch of connections that change path of electricity. When you push down the hook, "phone is on the hook," it just pushes 3 different connects against each other. The rotary uses the same sort of technology.

As far as I understand it, all I need is an Arduino board and a bluetooth breakout board which I'm reading a tutorial on at https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/rn-52-bluetooth-hookup-guide/overview.

Now this phone does has bells. I do not know how or if I'm going to get that to work yet. The bell wasn't working when I got this phone, but I also see a cable not connected so it's possible the previous owner (my grandmother) had the bell disconnected so it wouldn't ring.

This phone is fully functional as is, I can hook it up to our VOIP system and receive calls. I can't place calls, but that's probably because the new dial tone method probably is the only thing the VOIP system supports. I have no idea as to if the box in this phone actually translates the number being dialed to a dial tone or not... I think it just connects and disconnects a wire to the phone line to send back pulses to the other end.

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