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Finished writing code for, I basically made the Rotary Phone into a juke box which plays whatever song you choose by dialing a number. This can be extended to be two digit, 3 digit, you name it... So you can basically have infinite number of songs. In my code, I on...

A look at the internals of the Rotary Phone. Way more messy than when I first got it.


Changed my mind on a design choice for the phone circuit. I'm going to hook up GPIO9 (command mode toggle) to the Arduino so that I can easily go in and out of command mode in firmware.

I'm going to need this for another firmware I'm going to write to make this phone into a Jukebox. Have my comput...

Final Schematic is done! Now I just got to build a github page.

Note: Everything I'm doing here is going to be Public Domain.

Edit: Found a mistake in this schematic. GPIO7 is what is suppose to go to ground, not GPIO6. I will correct this in schematic before I post on github.