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Something that has become popular in recent times is messaging clients like facebook Messenger, Apple Messages, WhatsApp, and Hangouts. The issue is not all of these systems are secure.

Issues with popular methods:

  1. WhatsApp – Owned my facebook, closed source, unknown encryption.
  2. facebook Mes...

This little board is a cheap serial to WiFi device that allows hooking up devices like the Arduino to WiFi for wireless control.

I plan on using this for my room lighting whenever I get around to playing with it.


Passwords are hard to make secure these days, and we need to have more than one password because if your one password gets stolen then the malicious person can access everything you own. The problem we encounter having so many passwords is we now do not remember passwords. So what do we do when we d...

Choice of search engine is another item which helps protect your privacy. Both Google and Bing keeps a log of everything you search for and uses it to improve search results and provide information to the government when requested.



The next line in defense is the web browser you use because it is usually what you use to talk to the world. If you use a browser which doesn't respect your privacy, you are basically giving the company everything that you do online. If you have a plugin that is prone to vulnerabilities, you risk be...

The first thing to think about when you think Privacy is the operating system (OS) you use. If you're using an popular OS, that leaves you open for being a target by the hacker community. If you're using an OS which doesn't care about your privacy, such as Windows 10/8/7, you risk your information b...