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So here are some updates to YouView Beta.

  1. Safari Extension found at I recommend that you use this instead of the plugin, as the plugin is using some hacks that may not work on some computers.
  2. Chrome Extension found at

Hello, this is a guide to installing leopard on under spec G4's, 400Mhz or later.

Before you start backup any important data on the under spec G4.

Now there are many ways to install leopard on an under spec G4, three of which I will show you how. The first one is good if you meet the requirement...

One thing, when you make a blog, the first post must be a test, so this is a test/introductory for my blog. On this blog I'll be posting news on what I'm working on and updates for my applications I'm making, I may post some posts on tips for using computers and other things, and I may have friends...