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Taking photos at night is really cool. I took this photo last night in almost complete darkness, the light sources are highlighted brightly. You can see something flew across the sky as I took the photo which makes a really cool effect.


After learning new things about SSL, I have learned about OCSP Stapling which is important to implement on your server. It basically places on your cert a response from your SSL provider saying rather or not the certificate is valid.

Why is this important? If you were to revoke your certificate, l...

My next project is to take these really cool Nixie Tubes and make a clock with an Arduino.

The guy from Scott Bot ( is helping me out a lot by providing me with his board design and permissions to redistribute on my github with creative commons license. I'm going...

Some blog posts I used to find useful things to do in Ubuntu 13.10 are as follows.

My most favorite is this one because it listed some very useful tools.

This one had some useful stuff, however they seem to be all about...

Ubuntu has a problem pairing bluetooth keyboards. I found the solution at

For Ubuntu 12.10, the instructions are a tiny bit different due to a bug in bluez.

  1. Make sure your root (sudo -s in all).
  2. apt-get ins...