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Ubuntu has a problem pairing bluetooth keyboards. I found the solution at

For Ubuntu 12.10, the instructions are a tiny bit different due to a bug in bluez.

  1. Make sure your root (sudo -s in all).
  2. apt-get ins...

I've been needing to be able to remote desktop my new Ubuntu machine from the login screen and information on the net is always confusion. So here I will share my solution I ended up with. This is how you access your machine over VNC from the login screen with Ubuntu 13.10 which uses LightDM for the...

It snowed last night. I went to let the dogs out, and my smallest dog wanted in immediately after I let her out. As she tried to let me know by standing up, she slipped on the ice. I let her in and she ran straight for her pillow and looked at me weirdly.

snow snow dog

Finished writing code for, I basically made the Rotary Phone into a juke box which plays whatever song you choose by dialing a number. This can be extended to be two digit, 3 digit, you name it... So you can basically have infinite number of songs. In my code, I on...

A look at the internals of the Rotary Phone. Way more messy than when I first got it.