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Everything hooked up. Just got to solder together that Micro Controller (Arduino) and hook it up/play with it.


Images shows the settings of CoolTerm and the default settings as says in the PDF specs for this bluetooth device. I also attached a screen grab of my iPad connected to it ready to send audio.

screenshot screenshot screenshot

So far I have lights on this bluetooth board and have it hooked up to the FTDI board, trying to get it working. I got and it's just a simple plug in USB cable and set settings.

I pulled the GPIO9 port to the ground port of the battery power to get...

Got my helping hands last night, so now all I got to do is solder this together. I will do that tonight.


Now all I need is the helping hands to get soldering and then I can connect things and play with them in code.


Had to make background darker and icon smaller, now it's in there.

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