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Had to make background darker and icon smaller, now it's in there.

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Revealing the name of the new phone and providing the sticker for the center of the rotary being about 3.5CM. Meet Rotary Gecko.

I'll be buying a new soldering iron because these are some small connections. While I'm at it, I'll buy some some sticker paper so I can print this on it to stick in the...

The battery is now charging. I'm going to need to clean my solder iron so I can move the solder from the 5v to 3.3v cap... That's a very tight spot being small.

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Got most of the components in. The speaker and amplifier from Ada Fruit will be here ether tomorrow or Saturday. I'll put this project on hold for now until tomorrow and just get the battery to where it's charging.


Getting IPv6 to work on this router wasn't easy. Finally figured it out by reading

I've pretty much written my own script, but I'm not including everything that I should include... This is just a very basic script which gets the job done. I ma...

NOTE: The following guide assumes you understand UNIX.

I needed to install MiniUPNP to get NAT-PMP on DD-WRT. I did lots of research and finally found the right way to do it.

First search Google for a compatible version of OpenWRT for your router, mine being