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This is a test of me receiving a call. I couldn't get the arduino to output tones without noise or loud enough so I did a little hack where I hooked up the speaker shut off to the arduino and I'm using the arduino to control when the speaker is on or off for the bluetooth device. This is useful beca...

Getting that Carbon Microphone to work is REALLY hard. I'm talking to some engineers to see if they can help... May need a lot more things.

Realized I can't connect the speaker directly to the arduino, so added cost of buying a Potentiometer and a Resistor kit to get a 100 ohm resistor and some other resistors for later on.

I of course was forced my curiosity to open up the box of electronics and see what was inside...

For your entertainment... There you go.

photo photo photo photo

Time to hook up the Arduino to the computer and program it.

I realized I never said how I sent commands to the Bluetooth board. All I hooked up was the ground to the ground board which goes to the battery, and the RX/TX cables to the appropriate place on the bluetooth board.