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Final Schematic is done! Now I just got to build a github page.

Note: Everything I'm doing here is going to be Public Domain.

Edit: Found a mistake in this schematic. GPIO7 is what is suppose to go to ground, not GPIO6. I will correct this in schematic before I post on github.


I've been told by the organizer of to present my rotary phone at this coming bsides. My idea for displaying the phone will be writing jukebox software on my Mac which listens for the number being dialed on the rotary phone. Depending on the number dialed, the computer...

Here I'm dialing 8003733411 because it's a number I can call without bothering real people. I don't have the Microphone working so the other person wouldn't hear me anyway.

This is a test of me receiving a call. I couldn't get the arduino to output tones without noise or loud enough so I did a little hack where I hooked up the speaker shut off to the arduino and I'm using the arduino to control when the speaker is on or off for the bluetooth device. This is useful beca...