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I just built a router which is overkill. I'm going to be using pfSense as the operating system and I'll have security utilities like Snort running on it to protect my network. The main idea for building this with the specs I went with is I can expand. If I wanted 1Gb/sec, it can handle it. If I want...

Snow has started, here where everyone drives crazy when it is snowing.

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The moon today looks amazing.

I forgot to change the ISO setting and need to re-take photos....


There are services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive which allows you to sync your files across multiple devices. One thing all of these providers lack is privacy. Because your files are on someone's computer, you risk them making mistakes like what Dropbox had a history of doing.

I will s...

Something that has become popular in recent times is messaging clients like facebook Messenger, Apple Messages, WhatsApp, and Hangouts. The issue is not all of these systems are secure.

Issues with popular methods:

  1. WhatsApp – Owned my facebook, closed source, unknown encryption.
  2. facebook Mes...

This little board is a cheap serial to WiFi device that allows hooking up devices like the Arduino to WiFi for wireless control.

I plan on using this for my room lighting whenever I get around to playing with it.